understanding God

Finding That Place. By: Pastor Karina San Martin

Being in God’s presence is truly the sweetest spot in life to be. I’m not talking about just hearing a great message, or really “feeling it” during the worship time at a church service or conference. I’m talking about being in that completely private, intimate time where it is just you and God that exist. Maybe you’ve been there, maybe you haven’t. The interesting thing about God is that He is always ready and available to us all, no matter what walk of life you come from or what “level” of relationship you may have with Him. But He is WAITING… waiting for you and me to draw near to Him. Find time, no: MAKE time to be totally alone with God. Put on some music that takes you deep into Him, shut off your phone, close your eyes and listen to His voice. I guarantee you, you will come back for more. THIS is the place when our relationship with Him gets real. 


Parenting...and...Leading : By Pastor John Arana

I believe and have experienced that our gifting, temperaments and talents is what God has placed inside us to impart to our children and others. Its the gift of God operating in us and through us that others will be blessed as they encounter us.  We are all designed to complete and compliment others as we interact with them. We are not responsible for every one but we are blessed to impart into them the gift given to us. The absence of this impartation can cause a void in the development of our children, families and disciples equating consequences based on the void created by holding back. If we have it, it is because our children will need it! Most likely they are different from us but that is exactly God’s point. Differences create completions if we cooperate with each other. 


What is within us, given by God is what our children and family need for completion. We have what they need and they have what we need. It becomes a complementary relationship, mutually beneficial for completion! Every child, person has their own set of gifting’s. What they need from us parents or leaders is to impart to complete them. The denial to impart into them in an organic way cause the failure to complete. We have the privilege of imparting into our children and others in order to bring completion and facilitate destiny! Lovingly give what has been given to you! Freely you have received, freely give!